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Professional Exchange:
fostering relationship of trust leading to change
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At the heart of SHARE’s work is a commitment to transformational relationships - building bridges of trust and understanding that lead to significant projects.  Since 1991 SHARE personnel have been engaging professionals in the former USSR in a variety of fields, in a variety of ways.  When people engage in face to face encounters, restrictive stereotypes begin to melt away as our common goals, commitments and dreams emerge, lighting new paths of possibility.

One way in which we and others are contributing to the building of foundations for cooperation is through professional exchange programs. SHARE personnel and volunteers have participated in:

     An art exchange program with the Cherry Creek Art Festival
     Sharing of training and standards in between law enforcement communities
     Opening dialogues between leaders of different faiths
     University professor exchanges, seminars and workshops
     Facilitation of joint business ventures
     High school basketball tournament
     Hosting, funding and briefing sister city delegations between Arvada, Colorado
     and Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
     Organizing student delegation exchanges

Professional exchange
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