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40, 000 children are poisoned by lead annually in Shymkent, Kazakhstan
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Every one of those poisoned children is suffering varying degrees of permanent, irreversible brain damage. And every year new children will be poisoned. The main avenue for uptake in these young ones? Lead contaminated dust and soil. How do you prevent lead poisoning when the very soil a child walks on is contaminated? The problem is complex, but some helpful solutions are simple like parental education, washing food and providing clean play areas. In cooperation with the city of Shymkent, SHARE International will install two to three "clean" playgrounds to demonstrate their effectiveness. "Clean" playgrounds are those with washable surfaces so that young children - who are at greatest risk - can play more safely. Volunteers are ready to help us construct the playgrounds and city officials are eager to begin. Won't you help make a difference today? SHARE with us by giving through                             or 
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For more information on the damaging effects of lead in children see:
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